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Boris V. Novikov   Boris V. Novikov
Birth   1946 in Tashkumyr, Kirghizstan (fSU)
Marital Status   Married, one child
Citizenship   Ukraine
Office Address   Department of Mechanics & Mathematics, Kharkov National University, 4 Svobody Sq., Kharkov, 61077, Ukraine
Office Phone   (+380 57) 707-55-27
Education   Undergraduate: Kharkov State University,
Diploma in Mathematics: Thesis on "Generalized Sylow theorems for solvable groups" Kharkov State University, 1969.
Candidate of Science (Algebra and Number Theory): Kiev State University, 1980
Thesis under prof. L.M.Gluskin on "Projective Representations and Cohomology of Semigroups"
Doctor of Science (Algebra and Number Theory); Kiev State University, 1999.
Thesis on "Cohomology of Semigroups"
Experience   1969-1970: Junior Research Fellow, Institute of Econ., Ukrainian Acad. Sci.
1971-1972: Head of Programming Laboratory, Kharkov Region Council
1972 - present: Senior Research Fellow, Kharkov National University
Membership   Kharkov Mathematical Society, since 1986;
Referee of Review Journal "Mathematics" (Moscow, 1985-1991);
Vice-editor of the journal "Algebra and Discrete Mathematics" (Ukraine);
Member of Editorial Board of the journal "Ukrainian Mathematical Bulletin"
Research Interest   Algebra (Semigroup Theory, Homological Algebra), Mathematical Sociology
Courses and seminars
given within last 10 years
  Linear Algebra,
Theory of Groups,
Theory of Semigroups,
Theory of Categories,
Homological Algebra,
Associative Algebras,
Topological Methods in Theory of Groups
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