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The Department of Pure Mathematics trains specialists in mathematics, Speciality 111-Mathematics

The history of the Department is dated back to the moment of the foundation of the University in 1804 and originates from the Department of Pure Mathematics, School of physical and mathematical sciences. Contemporary Department of Pure Mathematics was founded on the 1st of September, 2015 and was based on the Department of Mathematical Analysis (founded in 1921), the Department of Geometry (founded in 1922), the Department of Function Theory and Functional Analysis (founded in 1930) and the Department of Mathematical Physics and Numerical Mathematics (founded in 1950).

The main research areas of the Department are as follows:

Geometry of submanifolds in Lie groups and homogeneous spaces, fiber bundles, spaces of constant curvature, Riemannian spaces, geometry and topology of foliations, affine differential geometry;

Mathematical and statistical physics, nonlinear problems of mathematical physics and qualitative theory of infinite-dimensional dynamical systems, delay differential equations, nonlinear intergo-differential equations ;

Geometry of Banach spaces, harmonic analysis and theory of quasicrystals, unilateral shifts generated by contractions and their applications to analysis, polynomials with restrictions on the location of roots and the limiting classes of entire functions, quantum groups, theory of implicit linear differential and difference equations, analytic probability theory .

The Head of the Department is Doctor of Sciences (Doctor Nauk) in mathematics, associate professor Aleksandr Yampolsky. The Faculty consists of one Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine, 10 Doctors of Science, 11 Ph. D.s.