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Vladimir Kadets   Vladimir Kadets
Birth   1960 in Kharkov, Ukraine
Marital Status   Married, two children
Citizenship   Ukraine
Office Address   Department of Mechanics & Mathematics, Kharkov National University, 4 Svobody Sq., Kharkov, 61077, Ukraine
Office Phone   (+380 57) 707-53-27
Education and Degrees   Doctor of Sc. (Habilitated Doctor in Math.) — Warsaw University, 1993 (reviewers - T.Figiel, S.Kwapien and A.Pelczynski)
Ph.D. in Math. — Rostov-on-Don State University, 1985 (Supervisor - N.S.Landkof, reviewers - E.A.Gorin and V.P.Kondakov)
M.Sc. in Math. (with Honours) — Kharkov State University, 1982
Experience   Associate Professor (Docent) — Kharkov State University, 1990 - Assistant Professor – Kharkov Institute of Civil Engineering, 1985 – 1990
Research Interest   Banach space theory: sequences and series, bases, vector-valued measures and integration, isomorphic and isometric structures of Banach spaces, operators in Banach spaces.
Courses and seminars
given within last 10 years
  Functional Analysis and Measure theory,
Linear - Topological Spaces,
Series in Banach Spaces,
Elements of Combinatorial Geometry,
Vector measures,
Additions to the general course of Functional Analysis,
Geometry of Banach Spaces.
Awards & Grants   1989 - Kharkov Mathematical Society Award,
1995 - ISF Grant No K3Z100 (Soros research grant),
1996 - ISSEP Grant No APU061040 ("Soros Associate Professor"),
1999 - Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship,
2005 – The State Award of Ukraine in Science and Technology.
Other Activity   Member of the Kharkov Mathematical Society, Reviewer of “Mathematical Reviews” and “Zentralblatt”.
Publications   Two monographs (joint with M.I.Kadets), handbook “A course of Functional Analysis” (in Russian) and 100 articles in various journals.
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