Main directions of the research are the following:

theory of subharmonic functions (Professor A.P. Grishin);

operator theory, theory of functions and interpolation problems of analysis (Professor V.K. Dubovoy);

mathematical problems in the kinetic theory (Professor V.D. Gordevskyy );

sistem theory and scattering theory (Associate Professor S.S. Boiko);

stabilizability problem, mathematical control theory, differential equations (Associate Professor G.A. Bessonov);

functional analysis (Associate Professor S.L. Gefter);

boundary value problems for PDEs (Associate Professor A.A. Makarov);

delay differential equations, asymptotic behavior of solutions of PDEs (Associate Professor A.V. Rezounenko );

In whole during 7 last years members of the department published more than 71 articles and monographies, took part in 55 conferences devoted to actual questions in aboveremembered branches of mathematics. Scientists of the department have meaningfull many-years connections with leading foreign specialists in mathematics (Germany, USA, Israel, Russia, France, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Chech Republic, Switzerland, Poland etc.).

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