Department of Mathematical Analysis was founded in 1921, but its history was begun since the moment of the University founding (1805). A number of famous mathematicians were professors of this department: T.F. Osipovskii,A.F. Pavlovskii, E.I. Beyer, D.M. Delaryu, V.G. Imshenetskii, S.N. Bernshtein,K.A. Andreev, M.A. Tukhomandritskii, S.A. Grave.

The following professors were the heads of the department:

Prof. Ts. K. Russyan (1921-1928)
Prof. M. N. Marchevskii (1928-1944)
Prof. G. I. Drinfeld (1944-1962)
Prof. B. Ya. Levin (1963-1972)
Prof. I. Ye. Lutsenko (1972-1975)
Prof. V. P. Petrenko (1975-1983)
Prof. V. M. Borok (1983-1994)
Prof. G. M. Sklyar (1994-1999)
Prof. A. F. Grishin (1999-2005)
Prof. V. D. Gordevskyy (2005-2015).

September 1, 2015: Department of Mathematical Analysis became a part of a unified Department of Fundamental Mathematics.

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