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Anna Vishnyakova   Anna Vishnyakova
Birth   March 07, 1963, Kharkov, Ukraine
Marital Status   Married, two children
Citizenship   Ukraine
Office Address   Department of Mechanics & Mathematics, Kharkov National University, 4 Svobody Sq., Kharkov, 61077, Ukraine
Office Phone   (+380 57) 707-53-27
Education   Graduate: Kharkov State University, 1985
Ph.D. in Math.(Kandidat Nauk): - Kharkov State University, 1993 (Supervisor - I.V.Ostrovskii, reviewers - V.S.Azarin and V.N.Logvinenko)
Professional Career   1993 - 2000: Assistant Professor - Kharkov State University
2000: Associate Professor (Docent) - Kharkov National University
Research Interest   Complex analysis, Special classes of entire functions: growth estimates and distribution of zeros, Polynomials: location of zeros
Courses and seminars
given within last 10 years
  Linear Algebra,
General Algebra,
Complex Analysis,
Functional Analysis,
Measure Theory,
Meromorphic Functions,
Constructive Function Theory,
Distribution of Zeros of Polynomials
Awards & Grants   1996 - Epson Award in Value Distribution Theory, International Workshop on Value Distribution Theory and its Applications (Hong-Kong);
Grant INTAS-94-1474;
Grant INTAS-96-0858;
Grant NSF DMS 011966/
Other Activity   Membership in Kharkov Mathematical Society
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